The Tarantula

Are you thinking about keeping a big, hairy spider as a pet? Although the thought of having a pet tarantula spider would make some people’s skin crawl, there are many people that love the thought of keeping one of these big spiders as a pet. It is necessary for you to know how to properly care for a tarantula so you and your pet can both be happy.

The most crucial step you can take is to avoid an impulse purchase. Rather, research the type of tarantula you will be purchasing so you can learn about its temperament as well as its needs. You may be surprised to learn that tarantulas can have very different needs, so you need to make certain you know the proper temperature requirements, diet, and humidity levels for your pet tarantula. I knew a guy that had one over at gutter cleaning Johns Creek Ga, crazy stuff. While some tarantulas are arboreal, which means they live in trees, others are ground dwelling. To keep your tarantula happy. Therefore, you will need to create a habitat that meets is natural needs.

Picking Out the Home

Pick out a container in which it can live. Critter Keepers make good choices, though you can use an aquarium as well. Either way, make sure the top is tightly sealed so your tarantula cannot get away. They are very adept at climbing glass walls, so don’t think the smooth surface will prevent Continue reading The Tarantula

Black Widow

The black widow spider, scientifically referred to as Latrodectus hesperusis, is one of the most venomous spiders in North America. However, it is the female that carries the venom, with an approximate toxicity of 15 times that of the prairie rattlesnake.

As opposed to the highly venomous females, males are considered relatively juvenile and harmless. The female variety is so hostile that in certain occasions, it will kill and eat the male after mating.

Physical Attributes:

The female black widow spider measures between 0.5 to 1.5 inches depending on how wide the legs are stretched. I know a guy at plumber Roswell, GA who got bit by one and it wasn’t pretty. While the males have longer legs, they measure about have of the females body length and size.

Both the males and females have a shiny globular abdomens which are predominantly black but may be brown as well.

The females can be spotted with a characteristic reddish hourglass shape on their Continue reading Black Widow

Spider World

Welcome to¬†our new wordpress blog about spiders and everything about the creep crawly’s!

One of the universal fears of humans is the fear of spiders. There is good reason that humans have developed this fear. There are quite a few dangerous spiders around the world out of the over 7,000 species. While almost every single spider contains some venom, most of them do not have the capability of piercing human skin and injecting this venom into people. Some people are so mortified of spiders like my friend at roofer roswell, ga! There are also wide varieties of species that contain venom that is not considered medically significant to humans.

The spiders mentioned here do not fit into either of the aforementioned categories. These spiders contain venom that is dangerous to humans and have fangs Continue reading Spider World